Wolfgang Weingart
Wolfgang Weingart was a graphic designer and typographer. He was educated in Swiss rational typography. He worked to experiment with the modernist typographic form. He would stretch a word until it loses meaning, or just looks like a pattern. He felt that the only way to break the type rules was to know them. He wanted to move from meaning to creating more decorative marks and was interested in avant-garde. The text would bleed between image, overlapping the information, making it less obvious so that the reader had to decode the work. This would give the power to the reader, by telling them to deconstruct their own word.
These two examples clearly illustrate the experimental results of some of Weingart's works. The above work creates a kind of pattern look with the repetition of "schon." The example on the right, shows an overlap of information, with a range of typefaces/ type weights. This makes the reader work hard to decode the type.