Tadanori Yokoo
Tadanori Yokoo (1936) is one of Japan's most successful and internationally recognized graphic designers and artists.

In the late 1960s he became interested in mysticism and psychedelia, which was increased with his travels to India. His work has been compared to that of Andy Warhol. However, Yokoo's use of complex and multi-layered imagery is intensely autobiographical and entirely original.

He designed these 2 posters for the choreographer Tastumi Hijikata and the garumella dance company. The poster on the left is called A La Maison de M. Civecawa' (to the shibusawa house), done in 1965. The poster on the right is called The great mirror of
the dance as an Immolative Sacrific, done in 1968. Both of these posters were screen-prints. His work follows another aspect of postmodernism which is there is no right or wrong. A piece of work doesn't need to follow a structure, it doesn't have to be to scale and can be any proportion.