Definition: Linguistics is the study of language, how language makes meaning and works as a system. It compares structural systems between language.

Synonyms: ABCs, accidence, alphabet, elements, fundaments, linguistics , morphology, principles, rudiments, sentence structure, stratification, structure, syntax, tagmemics.


Definitions: 1. of or pertaining to a paradigm.
2. Linguistics . pertaining to a relationship among linguistic elements that can substitute for each other in a given context, as the relationship of sun in The sun is shining to other nouns, as moon, star, or light, that could substitute for it in that sentence, or of is shining to was shining, shone, will shine, etc., as well as to is rising, is setting, etc. Compare syntagmatic.


Definition: Its telling you what to do.

Synonyms: accepted, authoritative, customary, prescribed, rigid, sanctioned.


Definition: semiotic is the structural system of analysis that communicates meaning.

Synonyms: langue, parole, pragmatics, semantics, sign systems, symbolism, syntactics.


Definition: Is the meaning, what is realised in your mind when you hear that sound.


Definition: Signifier is the material aspect sound/ marks written.


Definition: syntagmatic is pertaining to a relationship among linguistic elements that occurs sequentially in the chain of speech or writing, as the relationship between the sun and is shining or the and sun in the sentence The sun is shining.