Otto Neurath & Gerd Arntz

The International System Of Typographic Picture Education was developed by the Viennese social scientist and philosopher Otto Neurath as a method for visual statistics. Gerd Arntz was the designer that made the Isotype pictograms and visual signs. Together they were the developers of Isotype, the international pictoral language. Isotype is a way of showing social, technological, biological and historical connections in pictorial form. Otto Neurath was responsible for developing the idea/ structure. organisational system of the language. Whereas Gerd was the image maker for the type.
Above is an example of a design done by Otto & Gerd. Looking at this you can see that they understand language through structure and show multiples in their design. By counting the soldiers you know how many there really are. The design features a key which states that each figure (1) is a representation of 1 million soldiers. It goes on to the specifics of what each figure is representing: the green figures are soldiers returning home, the red are the wounded and the black are the killed. This combination of a little bit of type and more pictoral images makes comprehending the overall design very simple. Here they have looked at visual image in chains, making one overall image mean a number of things.