Jacques Derrida was a philosopher. He developed the critical theory known as deconstruction. "Deconstruction" is a way of criticizing not only both literary and philosophical texts but also political institutions. His output of more than 40 published books, together with essays and public speaking, has had a significant impact upon the humanities.

He is most famous for deconstruction. He critiqued speaking/writing (one cant exist without the other, for example we only know what soft is when we know what hard is, like good/bad). He thought that we define things by difference, like what we value more, as part of society. Writing is prioritised over speech, a written form has more value. He looked at why we value more things than others.We have to see things within what culture they are made in.

He looked at the spacing of letters, the organisation of a page. He felt that a letter cant exist without the space around it. He further complicates things by stating that writing cant function without punctuation.
Jacques Derrida