Bodys Isek Kingelez

Bodys Isek Kingelez (1948) is a sculptor and artist, famous for his models of fantastic cities made of cardboard. Kingelez always works carefully to scale, balancing the proportions of his composite buildings. He mostly designs buildings in which spiritual, intellectual, family, material and playful needs can be satisfied.He spent the start of the 70s making architectural models which he called “extrêmes maquettes” (“extreme models”), as they were extremely strange, high, fine and meaningful.

Made of glued together, coloured and decorated cardboard, paper and other materials, his architectural models (“extrêmes maquettes" / “extreme models") are uniquely rich combinations of European forms, African styles and hues, classical European ornamentation and futuristic forms.

His works are] visionary postmodern bricolages that playfully merge fantasy and reality, he has invented a new style of architectural styles drawn from high-tech postindustrial design, the modern Afrocentric skyscrapers of downtown Kinshasa, traditional Asian pagoda dorms, and pre-glasnost Soviet-style modernism

These influences can be seen in the two examples above.
The left being a model for the Zaire Pavillion 1989 and the right a more recent piece: Ville Fantôme (1996).