My first prototypes are looking at the sense of smell. Each box has been sprayed with a particular perfume. The user must use their sense of smell in order to identify which is which. Upon testing this out, around 50 percent of people guessed right. This suggests thats its not very successful. The prototype is very rough and I don't feel that I could take this concept any further.
These three boxes (orange, green & blue) have been created for the purpose of user interaction. The user without looking, uses their sense of touch to feel what shape the object is. Upon testing this out, it proved quite successful as many people could identify these simple shapes. However, I feel that although the concept is interesting, the design is lacking.
This prototype again is focusing on the user using their sense of touch. In this instance, its to join the puzzle up correctly within the box only using their hands. The puzzle has been given depth by the layering of paint. This being the intention to define the lines of the shape further. Upon testing this, not many people could do it as they found the method used in adding depth to the puzzle wasn't very effective as they couldn't feel the same depth everywhere and there wasn't enough depth to begin with. So I think that for my final, I will look at creating a 3D puzzle on its own and this box again but using a different method of production to add a great, more defined depth to the shape (the cross).