The above final consists of six boxes which have been spray painted with a design of an eye going across all of them. This is a sort of 3D puzzle and I think it works quite well as it gets the user to become hands on as they move around each box until they get the correct eye in a way. Upon testing this, people found it simple and easy to do. I feel this works really well in terms of interactivity and in engaging the user. Also I feel that the design & use of colours are quite aesthetically pleasing. I would try to expand on this by creating a further collection of different and possibly more complex designed puzzles.
The above final consists of a box with two holes and a kind of door at the top. The purpose of the holes are to enable the user to put their hands in comfortably and to try to solve the puzzle inside. Whereas the door, lets them see upon completion whether they have done it correctly, with an image of the correct configuration on the side of the box for comparison. The puzzle inside is a cardboard cross with its lines defined by the use of a large height of card to gain depth. Upon testing this, most people were able to complete the puzzle but some still weren't. I would try to expand this by looking at more ways of making a puzzle tactile.